Giving you the smile you deserve

Is there something about your teeth that you would like to change? Do you wish they were whiter, straighter or looked healthier? The truth is that most people would probably change something about their smile if they could. Of course, different lifestyle and health factors such as smoking, drinking, tooth decay, damage caused by a fall or accident, or even just ageing can affect the appearance of your teeth.

My Smile Makeovers are designed to give you a range of options to improve the appearance of your smile within your budget. Using one or more treatments including teeth whitening, cosmetic fillings, adult braces, porcelain veneers and bridges, or dental implants, I can enhance the beauty of your smile.

When you book a cosmetic consultation, I will take the time to discuss your needs and budget in detail, so that together we can formulate a Smile Makeover treatment plan that will deliver gorgeous, natural-looking results.

My Cosmetic Consultations start from just £45.

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