The fastest solutions offered by adult braces

Six Month Smiles
Option A – Six Month Smiles (from £1,800)

The right system for you?

  • Average treatment time of just six months.
  • Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires make this system barely visible.
  • Most suitable for mild alignment, spacing or crowding issues of the front teeth.
  • The modern materials offer a high level of comfort.
  • Quick and convenient appointments.
  • Less expensive and more cost effective when compared to traditional braces, aligners or veneers.

Inman Aligner
Option B – Inman Aligner (from £1,300)

The right system for you?

  • The Inman Aligner is popular because it offers a rapid orthodontic solution.
  • It can move and straighten your teeth in as little as six weeks (although 16 weeks is average).
  • This is ideal if you want to concentrate on moving your front teeth.
  • This removable aligner can be taken out for meals and social occasions.
  • Does not require any damage to healthy teeth (unlike veneers).
  • Cost effective.

Inman Aligner
Option C – Secret Smile (from £1800)

The right system for you?

  • Totally invisible as brackets are fitted to the inside of your teeth.
  • Treatment time is usually between 4 and 9 months.
  • Ideal for moving your front six teeth.
  • Quick and convenient appointments.