Even though I wore a retainer as a teenager, my teeth had never been straight. This bothered me on and off over the years but as I got older and after the birth of my baby, I realised that my top teeth had become extremely crooked, especially my two front teeth, which were so out of alignment it had become embarrassing! Every time I spoke to someone I imagined that they were looking at my teeth and I became very paranoid about my appearance.

I still didn’t seek treatment until I found myself frequently sat in front of the mirror practising how to smile in a way that would disguise my very crooked teeth. I then realised this was no way to live and it was time to do something about it!

I decided to go approach Dr Dodd at 10 Dental, a practice I had visited when I was younger so I was already aware of the high standard of care on offer. This is also immediately apparent when dealing with Dr Dodd. He cares very much about what he does and immediately puts you at ease. You get the impression that achieving the best outcome is just as important to him as it is to you. I trusted and respected his advice and treatment plan immediately and actually became quite excited about the prospect of getting my 6 month smile brace fitted!

A free consultation was given and the treatment plans available to me were very carefully explained, along with an explanation of the costs involved and payment options.

The treatment in total took just 8 months, which went so quickly that my brace was on and off before I knew it. The fitting was easy, quick and then I simply had to visit the practice for monthly adjustments. I was also less paranoid about my teeth with my brace on than I was before, so the decision to get my teeth straightened was absolutely the right one.

I now have lovely, straight and whitened teeth and no longer feel paranoid about my appearance. I smile and laugh with ease without having to think about it and the weight that takes off your mind is priceless.

Dr Dodd is a highly skilled and professional dentist and I highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry. I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful result and the difference his treatment has made to me personally.