Invisalign braces Manchester | Private Dentist in Southport

I’ve always been embarrassed about my teeth. So much so that I could never bring myself to smile in photographs and I even began to avoid talking to people face-to-face. I became even more conscious of them when I went to Canada last year. Everyone seemed to have such a beautiful smile here and because I hated my teeth my confidence was always knocked when I was around them.

It made me realise that I also wanted to be able to smile with confidence again, and more importantly, feel like I could speak and look people in the eye without having to hide my teeth from them.

When I moved to England, I knew it was time to take control and get my confidence back! So I decided to just go for it and was recommended by friends to see Dr Dodd who I’d been told was very experienced in cosmetic dentistry.

It wasn’t easy – I’d neglected my teeth for years so I was quite nervous about the treatment and seeing a dentist. I also had root infections and gum disease that had to be treated, but the whole process went so smoothly. Bit by bit I could feel my confidence coming back, and I started to smile again which felt amazing!

I’m over the moon at the end result. I think it’s had the biggest impact on my work life; I hold myself differently, I speak differently and I have the confidence to be in social situations without feeling like the odd one out.

Overall, I never realised being able to smile would have such an impact on my life – it’s not only changed the way people look at me, but also the way I look at myself. For me, this is the best result of them all.

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