Facial aesthetics: Why price shouldn’t be the deciding factor

Just like retail, the cosmetic industry is saturated with offers to attract the attention of potential patients. Whether it be half price teeth whitening, prices slashed on teeth straightening or cheap Botox and filler offers.

While offers and affordable pricing are helpful, cost alone shouldn’t really be the deciding factor when choosing who you want to undertake your dental or facial aesthetic treatment.

In the case of non-surgical facial procedures – such as Botox, lip and dermal fillers – high quality, experienced treatment does come at a price, especially when you factor in the cost of the product from leading, reputable brands. 

Injectable treatments should only be performed by qualified medical professionals including trained dentists, doctors and nurses. While many beauticians may also promote the service, if the professional administering it isn’t a medical professional, there is reason to be extra cautious and look elsewhere. While the price may be attractive, there is a likelihood the end result won’t be if the person fails to have the appropriate experience and qualifications.

As always, it pays to do your research – ask them to show you other facial aesthetic treatments they’ve completed and the results achieved. Of course, you need to know their prices…but that should be at the bottom of the question list if you’re looking for a professional, high-quality service.

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