Creating a smile that suits

‘Smile makeovers’ are a popular request from patients – especially if they have a special event coming up or want to refresh their look ready for the summer sun.

For these requests, it’s really important to thoroughly understand the kind of ‘look’ the patient wants to achieve first, and offer advice based on this information. After all, in dentistry, there is no ‘one fits all’ treatment plan – and the same applies to smile makeovers.

That’s why I always speak to my patients in detail about what they dislike about their teeth and the kind of smile they’d like to achieve. It means I can then devise a more personalised smile makeover treatment plan that will give them the results they’re after.

Here’s an example of a recent smile makeover patient. She came to see me because she was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and felt conscious when speaking and smiling. She had old crowns/veneers and generally wanted a more visually appealing smile.

After a consultation, the treatment plan included a combination of crowns and veneers to her upper teeth, as well as whitening to her lower teeth to give the patient a brighter smile.

The combination of treatments carried out really transformed her teeth and the patient was extremely pleased with the results. Her only wish was that she’d sorted them sooner.

For anyone considering a ‘smile makeover’, make sure you visit a dentist you trust and who takes the time to listen to your dental ‘wants’. That way, you can ensure you’ll leave the surgery with the results you were after – and a smile that suits.


Before and After Smile View


Before and After Lateral Smile View