‘High-street’ teeth whitening.

I heard BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat report last week about the dangers of so-called ‘high-street’ teeth whitening clinics. Just last year, new EU rules were introduced to try and better control the industry.

The British Dental Association (BDA) believes that the risk of teeth whitening is increased when the treatment is carried out away from a dental surgery.

Private companies offering whitening services argue that dentists are simply trying to make money out of a cosmetic procedure. In my opinion however, this is a massive generalisation. Dentists have undergone in-depth training about all aspects of dentistry – from hygiene and health, right through to how to treat decay and infection. They are therefore in the best place to be able to offer informed advice on any procedure patients would like carried out on their teeth.

Ultimately, it’s more about making sure whoever is carrying out your dental work has been professionally trained in that specific area, and has an extensive portfolio to reassure you of their experience. The General Dental Council (GDC) has sound advice on its website specifically for patients thinking about getting their teeth whitened – including the questions you should be asking your dentist or specialist before you go ahead with the treatment. You can read their guidance here.