Implant case of the month June 2016

Here’s a great implant case study that I completed recently.

It was a challenging case as the patient already had an existing failed conventional bridge, which was a contributing factor in causing substantial bone and soft tissue loss.

However, she was set on wanting fixed teeth rather than wearing a partial denture. The gap was also now too large to consider another conventional bridge.

Aesthetically, the patient had a high smile line which needed to be taken into consideration to ensure the replacement teeth looked as natural as possible.

After discussing the options with the patient and confirming there was sufficient bone to support the implants, she was relieved to be able to proceed.

From start to finish, the treatment took six months and the result was excellent.

The patient was extremely happy with how the implant retained bridge looked next to her other teeth, which was vital given it was in such a prominent position.

This case is a great example of what can be achieved through careful and meticulous implant treatment planning and execution.