Patient spotlight: The benefits of implant-retained denture treatment

Many patients visit me when their teeth are failing, enquiring about the possibility of removable dentures. They’re often apprehensive about having a set of ‘fake teeth’ in their mouth and concerned about how they’ll feel when eating and drinking.

Whilst removable dentures can be an effective solution to replace teeth, many patients are unaware that there are other options available to them, including dentures retained by dental implants.

As implant-retained dentures are supported by, and attached to, implants placed into the jaw bone, the patient will not experience any movement from the teeth when eating, drinking and going about their daily routine. The feeling of teeth ‘sliding’ or not being secure is often a common concern when patients have poorly fitting removable full dentures.

The dental implants function in a similar way to natural roots, and therefore an implant-retained denture is more likely to feel just like your natural teeth.

You can see a great example of some of the stages involved in having an implant-retained denture below. This patient came to see me wanting a denture that looked natural and in keeping with his lower teeth. Now, he barely notices he’s wearing one – it fits like a glove!

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