Results from the ‘invisible’ brace

I wanted to share with you an excellent case that demonstrates what can be achieved with lingual braces.

Lingual braces – also known as ‘Secret Smiles’ – are fitted to the inside surface of teeth so are essentially ‘invisible’.

This patient came to see me with concerns about her crowded upper teeth. She was happy with her lower teeth, and wanted to achieve a whiter, straighter smile.

She specifically wanted a discreet brace and I discussed options of Invisalign or the lingual ‘Secret Smile’ brace with her. After talking through these options, the patient preferred the fixed lingual brace option and was keen to proceed.

After six months of wearing Secret Smiles on her upper teeth, her teeth were correctly aligned, which instantly improved their appearance.

Teeth whitening was also carried out, as well as composite bonding to reshape the teeth and give the patient a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

To conclude treatment, a fixed wire retainer was placed to the patient’s upper teeth to keep them in position.

She was thrilled with the results and how her smile had been transformed. Want to hear from the patient herself? Watch her video testimonial here.

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