Straightening for a natural smile

The beauty with cosmetic dentistry is that every patient can walk away with a new smile that has been carefully tailored to match both their aspirations and expectations.

Some patients know they want that ‘perfect’ Hollywood smile, while others opt for a more natural transformation. Whatever result you want to achieve, there’s likely to be several different options to consider depending on the shape, position and health of your teeth.


For this particular patient, the emphasis was on creating a natural smile and the result was excellent. As you’ll see from the images below, the teeth have been straightened with a fixed brace. Whitening and composite bonding followed shortly after, improving the shape and dimensions of some of the teeth without anyone knowing they had been tweaked in this way.

This treatment plan was effective because it was scoped, developed and reviewed together with the patient – an approach that is so important in dentistry to make sure the final result matches – or hopefully exceeds – the patient’s expectations.

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