The Preventative Smile Makeover

We’ve just had one of the first hot spells of the year, which prompted many of us to dust down the barbecues, get the outdoor seating out of the garage and enjoy some much-awaited sunshine.

However, I’ve also noticed another trend gearing up in my surgery. With warmer weather just around the corner, more and more patients have been to see me about getting their smile picture perfect for summer. I’m calling it the ‘Savvy Smile’ – where patients are opting to have treatment before they start to experience more serious problems. For example, some of my patients who are likely to have alignment problems later in life are choosing to wear braces now, rather than waiting for their teeth to become more crooked and overcrowded.

This kind of preventative smile makeover can be very effective and has the potential to avoid patients having to undergo more intense treatment plans to get the smile they want later in life. In the case of dentistry, I tend to agree that prevention really is better than cure!