The ‘Selfie’ effect…?

The sunshine and warm weather certainly seem to be making people think more about the appearance of their teeth.

Whether it’s because they’re socialising more, or perhaps out and about taking more of those infamous ‘selfies’, patients are keen to improve the look of their smile this summer.

One of the more popular requests at the moment is for teeth whitening. You’ll see many different places – not just dental practices – advertising about their teeth whitening treatments.

The best approach is to make sure you pick someone who is fully qualified to undertake that treatment and importantly, is someone you trust. According to the General Dental Council (GDC), only dentists can carry out teeth whitening, but on the prescription of a dentist, so can dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians.

Remember too, before any treatment goes ahead, you should receive an appropriate clinical examination to make sure there are no risk factors.

You can also ask to see a portfolio of similar treatments they’ve done – most professionals who offer teeth whitening should be able to provide you with this.

The GDC has a great leaflet for patients with advice on what should be considered, as well as some questions you might like to ask to help you decide who should do your treatment. You can view it here.