To Botox or not…?

That’s the question I often get asked from patients who like the idea of Botox, but just aren’t sure whether it’s the right time to have it.

There is differing opinion from clinicians about how old people should be before they consider the treatment. One expert referenced in a Sheerluxe article believes Botox can be an effective preventative measure for people in their twenties, whilst another claims the average age of his female clientele is 35.

The truth is, there is no ‘right’ age to have Botox. It largely depends on the condition of your skin and when you first notice lines appearing. For some people, this may not be until they hit their thirties, but for others it may come much sooner. Factors such as smoking, sunbed use and sun exposure can all have an impact on the appearance of your skin.

If you do want to explore the idea of Botox, the important thing to remember is to book a consultation with a professional who has been properly trained to administer it – either a dentist, doctor or registered nurse. Far too many people are lured in by price and fail to check the experience of the person offering it.

An experienced professional will be able to give you an honest opinion about the likely results you can expect to see after treatment. They should also be prepared not to give treatment should they feel there is no need for you to have it.

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