Wise Words Before Whitening

With the countdown to Christmas parties almost upon us, I’ve had a lot more enquiries about teeth whitening treatments.

For patients who have not yet taken the plunge with whitening, here are my three top tips to consider before getting those pearly whites:

1) Always…pick a clinician who is qualified to undertake the treatment. The General Dental Council (GDC) insists that only dentists can carry out teeth whitening, and only on the prescription of a dentist, can dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians.

2) Never…have the treatment without an appropriate clinical examination to make sure you’re suitable for whitening and understand how to use it.

3) Consider…the experience of the professional offering the treatment. Most importantly, pick someone you trust, and ideally who has case studies and testimonials they can share with you.

For additional guidance, take a look at this leaflet from the GDC or book in with me for a consultation via the booking form here.