Wedding bells? Your checklist for a picture-perfect smile before the ‘I dos’


Having recently got married myself, I understand why soon-to-be brides and grooms want to look their best on their special day. For some, a big part of that is getting their teeth looking good and fixing dental issues that have bugged them for years.

I’ve had the opportunity of treating many patients – some couples too – who come to see me specifically for a ‘wedding MOT’. Sometimes it’s just a case of a little composite bonding here and there. For others, the treatment is much more extensive involving full Smile Makeovers comprising straightening, veneers, whitening and composite bonding.

So if you’re about to get married and want to improve the appearance of your teeth, what should be on your checklist before you see the dentist? Here’s a rundown of my three top tips to consider before the wedding bells start chiming…

1. Tick tock…time is of the essence: If you know you’d like dental treatment before getting married, don’t delay! While the treatment itself may be quite quick, you need to consider the availability of the cosmetic dentist – remember those in high-demand may have a 1-2 week wait on appointments or even longer. You may also need hygiene treatment before cosmetic procedures, which can extend the total treatment time. As a general rule, for more in-depth Smile Makeovers that involve teeth straightening you should be aiming to start treatment 12 months before the big day. Yes, there are fast-acting braces out there, but their suitability hinges on the position of your teeth and may not be for everyone. Essentially, move quick – you don’t want to risk having the addition of a brace on the big day.

2. Aim for the (five) stars: Now isn’t the time to start taking chances or shortcuts when it comes to the appearance of your teeth. Research cosmetic dentists in your area, make sure they have excellent Google reviews and a clear website that displays plenty of previous work. Many experienced cosmetic dentists will be able to show you patient testimonials and before and after pictures of similar cases – this is really important. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it – doing your research and asking to see examples of previous work is as close as you can get to judging the skill and experience of the dentist. Trust is key.

3. Be realistic: Sometimes, patients can have an unrealistic idea of what their dental treatment will do to their smile. While small improvements can often make the biggest difference, teeth that are severely misaligned will always remain that way unless you are happy to consider teeth straightening or more invasive teeth preparation before treatment – something that dentists like to avoid if possible, especially if teeth are clinically healthy. Have a clear idea of what you’d like the end result to look like, but also be flexible and listen to the dentist if they believe your ambitions are unachievable. Before any kind of cosmetic treatment commences, a dentist should perform a thorough consultation – this is the perfect opportunity to really explain your concerns and wishes, and a chance for the dentist to describe the most suitable treatment plan to meet your needs.

Once you’ve found your dentist and received your treatment plan, all that’s left to do is relax, tick another job off the to-do list and enjoy practising that wedding day smile in front of every mirror you pass! And remember, you’ll never get bored of looking back on the wedding pictures when you’re smiling in every one of them from ear to ear.

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