When the patient speaks! Listen to Ella talk about her Smile Makeover with braces

Ella came to see me wanting to improve the appearance of her teeth. She’d already had several consultations with other dentists, but didn’t feel they were on the same page as her in terms of achieving the results she really wanted. 

After discussing Ella’s treatment options during an initial consultation, she was happy to progress with the treatment plan which included:

As you’ll hear from Ella’s video testimonial below, she wanted to find a dentist who was upfront and honest about what could be achieved and how long it would take – rather than being sold a quick fix.

She said: “I wanted a finished result quick and went to a few dentists who told me I could have a ‘six month smile’. I came to see Dr Dodd and he told me I’d need a brace for a year. That was the reason I chose him – he was the most honest and I think that’s a key factor. He put me at ease and was reliable.

“The year flew by, the brace wasn’t painful at all and it was so discreet. I love the results – they’re better than I’d imagined them to be. People keep saying, you never stop smiling in pictures now!”

This case is a great example of how you can deliver an amazing new smile without using invasive techniques. From start to finish, the treatment took 12 months – and Ella now has that picture-perfect smile she was looking for. View her full video testimonial below.

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