Talking straight: Am I too late to straighten?

You’ve finally decided the time is right to straighten your smile, but it’s taken you 20+ years to reach this decision. Are you too late?

Many of my patients have that exact question for me. They’ve decided they want the treatment, but are concerned they won’t be able to get straight teeth because they’ve left it too long. Right? Wrong! Within reason, you can wear a brace at any age so it’s no barrier to treatment.

Thanks to a vast range of straightening methods, I’ve seen a rise in adult patients wearing braces. The most popular has been the lingual brace, which has given patients the ability to straighten in ‘secret’ as the brackets are fixed behind the teeth. Ceramic, clear braces are also a good alternative and discreet.

Having straight teeth can make a huge difference to your smile, and appointments can be flexible to work around your own, what you waiting for?

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