Gaps away - why you shouldn’t delay dental implant treatment

You’re casually biting into your favourite steak baguette when something doesn’t quite feel the same...then you realise why...

Losing single or multiple teeth, or fragments from teeth, can be both painful and stressful. You may also be concerned about your appearance if the gap is visible, and be left feeling a little self conscious as a result.

The positive news is there are treatments available that provide a long-term solution to missing teeth such as dental implants.

However, for this approach to be a viable option, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. Why? For dental implant treatment to be successful, sufficient bone needs to be present beneath the gums to anchor the implant in place. The longer the tooth is missing, the greater the chance of bone loss occurring.

If you are suitable for dental implant treatment, the results are likely to far exceed what can be achieved with removable dentures. This is because implants are fixed into the bone, providing greater stability and eliminating any slipping or sliding that can be experienced with dentures or a bridge. And the best news of all? When dental implant treatment is done by an experienced clinician, no one will be able to tell between the implant-retained crown and your natural teeth. Gap...what gap?

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Stephen Dodd