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Straightening for a natural smile

The beauty with cosmetic dentistry is that every patient can walk away with a new smile that has been carefully tailored to match both their aspirations and expectations.

Some patients know they want that ‘perfect’ Hollywood smile, while others opt for a more natural transformation. Whatever result you want to achieve, there’s likely to be several different options to consider depending on the shape, position and health of your teeth.

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Patient case study: Straightening in ‘secret’

Want to straighten your teeth without people noticing? The ‘Secret Smiles’ brace – otherwise known as lingual braces – allows you to do just that.

For this patient, they were the ideal solution. He knew he wanted a straighter smile but didn’t particularly want to wear braces that were visible. Lingual braces were bonded to the inside of his upper and lower teeth – completely out of sight – meaning he could achieve the results he wanted, without having a noticeable brace attached. The picture to the right shows the placement of the brace behind the teeth.

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Toddler teeth: At what age should children visit the dentist?

New figures released by the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) at the Royal College of Surgeons have put the care of children’s teeth firmly back into the spotlight.

As reported in The Telegraph, statistics show that 80% of one to two-year-olds in England did not visit an NHS dentist in the year to 31 March 2017, while 60% of children aged one to four failed to attend a dental check-up at all in the same period.

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New smile in less than 24 hours?

It sounds practically impossible doesn’t it? But thanks to a technique called composite bonding, getting a new smile in a day is achievable providing a dentist deems you suitable for the treatment.

Composite veneers – achieved via the art of composite bonding – have grown in popularity over the last two years, and it’s not always about striving for a perfectly symmetrical ‘Hollywood smile’. While many patients do want to achieve an impactful, full smile, sometimes others just want to tweak a few teeth. Composite bonding caters for both of those needs.

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Patient spotlight: The benefits of implant-retained denture treatment

Many patients visit me when their teeth are failing, enquiring about the possibility of removable dentures. They’re often apprehensive about having a set of ‘fake teeth’ in their mouth and concerned about how they’ll feel when eating and drinking.

Whilst removable dentures can be an effective solution to replace teeth, many patients are unaware that there are other options available to them, including dentures retained by dental implants.

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Designing a smile that’s you all over

One of the most important skills as a dentist is being able to interpret exactly what a patient is looking for, and devise a treatment plan that will deliver those results.

This patient was keen to improve her smile, but specifically wanted a more natural end result that she felt would be in keeping with her age and that would seamlessly blend in with her other teeth.

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