Dental phobias: Why you shouldn’t let nervousness get in the way of dental check-ups

Not everyone enjoys a visit to the dentist. In fact, more people than you think avoid dental check-ups intentionally due to a dental phobia or a negative past experience.

Unfortunately, missing regular appointments is likely to create additional oral health problems in the future – especially if there is poor dental hygiene – with patients potentially requiring more in-depth treatment to restore their teeth and gums back to health.

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Straightening for a natural smile

The beauty with cosmetic dentistry is that every patient can walk away with a new smile that has been carefully tailored to match both their aspirations and expectations.

Some patients know they want that ‘perfect’ Hollywood smile, while others opt for a more natural transformation. Whatever result you want to achieve, there’s likely to be several different options to consider depending on the shape, position and health of your teeth.

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August’s Smile of the Month

August’s Smile of the Month is a composite veneer case that I worked on a few weeks ago.

Image was everything for this patient – he stars in a popular reality TV show, models, and is also a leading club promoter.

With this in mind, he wanted to improve the look of his teeth and achieve a more symmetrical and whiter smile.

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Patient case study: Straightening in ‘secret’

Want to straighten your teeth without people noticing? The ‘Secret Smiles’ brace – otherwise known as lingual braces – allows you to do just that.

For this patient, they were the ideal solution. He knew he wanted a straighter smile but didn’t particularly want to wear braces that were visible. Lingual braces were bonded to the inside of his upper and lower teeth – completely out of sight – meaning he could achieve the results he wanted, without having a noticeable brace attached. The picture to the right shows the placement of the brace behind the teeth.

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